Pocket Sluice Box for Gold Prospecting; Flexible Rubberized 12 inch Miniature Gold Sluice Box with Stream Flare; Prospecting Tools and Gold Panning Supplies

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Compact Size: At 12 inches total length, this miniature Rubber sluice box is the most portable of all effective gold sluice boxes. Twelve (12) inch Total Length Mini Sluice Box. Approximately one (1) inch Deep. Three (3) inches wide. Six (6) inch flare opening. Innovative Design: Made Entirely of Flexible Rubberized Plastic Material. Flexible and non-brittle construction. Multiple Riffle Patterns. Built-in Creek Flare for creating a vortex with minimal water input. Built-in riffle sets take the place of any sluice box matting. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing In at Less Than Half a Pound, This Prospector's Sluice Box Fits Anywhere Your Gold Pan Will Fit. Backpack, Fanny Pack, or Back Pocket. included key ring and mini carabiner makes it easy to clip to your belt loop or the outside of your pack Look closely at our sluice box designs. In any side-by-side comparison, Sluice Fox designs just offer higher quality and better features left out by the mob of copycats. Born near historic Keyesville, CA, our goal at Sluice Fox is to utilize cutting edge materials and manufacturing techniques along with the knowledge base from hundreds of years of placer mining in order to re-invent the tools we use. Assembled in USA by Sluice Fox team of experienced prospectors and outdoor professionals. Parts sourced globally.