Gold Panning Kit with Mini Sluice Box - Miners Moss and Sluice Mat, Black Sand Magnet Separator, mini Classifier, Gold Paydirt Scoop, plato para buscar oro, Free Tote Backpack

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This Compact Prospecting Kit Includes a miniature "Pocket" Sluice Box that measures 12" long and includes both rubber v-trap matting and miner's moss. Full dimensions for this aluminum pocket sluice are 12" x 3.5" x 1.5". 8 Lb Black Sand Paydirt Separator Magnet, Mini Classifier Sifting Pan, 2 Small Gold Pans with Dual riffles (one 8" and one 10"). Tweezers feature a magnifier to help spot gold flakes. Suction tweezers to collect the gold flakes and fines from one of two gold pans. Includes three vials to store gold. This Prospecting kit is assembled in USA near Keyesville, California by the Sluice Fox team.