9 in Green Dual Riffle Gold Pan w/Snifter Bottle Prospecting Panning Mining

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Born near historic Keyesville, CA, our goal at SluiceFox is to utilize cutting edge materials and manufacturing techniques along with the knowledge base from hundreds of years of placer mining in order to re-invent the tools we use. This patented mini gold pan is designed with efficiency and utility in mind. Made of space-age plastic, the pan weighs less than one third of a pound. It features a compact 9 inch diameter, 45 degree sides, and a deep, 2.25 inch total height. Features a generous vertical drop-zone around a 5.25 inch bottom of the pan. Aggressive large riffle set on one side meant for rough-panning in any situation. Patented vanishing riffle system on the other side of the pan allows for infinite finish panning opportunity. Exclusively produced and distributed by Sluice Fox team of experienced prospectors and outdoor enthusiasts. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
•3 fl. oz. plastic bottle included