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  • Bradley Snow Tubes with 50" Heavy Duty Cover | 2 Pack Inflatable Sledding Tubes

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    Introducing the Bradley Heavy Duty Snow Tube with Cover, your ultimate companion for thrilling winter adventures. Designed for endurance, it can conquer even the toughest conditions, promising hours of worry-free excitement. Crafted from high-quality, puncture-resistant materials, it's built to withstand abrasions and potential tears, ensuring it survives rough surfaces. The included protective cover is an integral part of the snow tubing experience. It fits snugly, creating a smooth surface thanks to RapidGlide anti-friction coating, enhancing speed and smoothness. The Bradley snow tube's patented towing system offers a myriad of possibilities for winter exploration. The included leash enables riders to experience the excitement of hand towing, either on flat terrain or uphill. With friends or family leading the way, this method fosters shared moments and cherished memories, making each winter adventure even more memorable. The innovative tow-in loop system also presents a unique opportunity for daring riders. While Bradley does not recommend towing the snow tube behind motorized vehicles, the tow-in loop system allows riders to experience the thrill of being towed into a run using gravity. This patented design ensures a secure connection and can withstand high-torque situations while the lift pulls you back up the ski hill. Specifications: Set includes two rubber inner tubes, commercial-grade covers, tow leashes, and valve stem tools. Size: 50 inches diameter before inflation, ideal for most adults. Available in various colors. Comfortable air-cushioned ride. For adult use only. Made in the USA with high-quality materials. Safety precautions: Use in clear areas, avoid icy surfaces, wear protective gear, and never tow behind a motorized vehicle.