Intex Small Inlet Threaded Air Connector for 1050-1900 GPH Pumps

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Compatible with: 26175EH, 26193EH, 26301T, 26303EH, 26321EH, 26323CA, 26323EH, 26331CA, 26331EH, 26335EH, 26337EH, 26341W, 26345W, 26351EH, 26351W, 26361CA, 26361EH, 26361W, 26365EH, 26381EH, 26739MW, 26739W, 26751EH, 26751W, 26761EH, 26765EH, 28253EH, 28345VM, 28633EG, 28673EG, 28946EH, 28948EH, 28952EH, 28961EH, ... 12371, 1 1/2in Pool Inlet Air Adapter is designed for use with filter pumps with 1,005 to 1,900 GPH max. system flow rate.