Intex Replacement Adapter B w/ Collar for Filter Pump Conversion & Hose (2 Pack)

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Intex Replacement Hose Adapter B with Collar (Pair)•Designed for connecting 1.5-inch and 38mm pool hoses to plunger valves and other pieces of equipment•Required for upgrading from an Intex 530 GPH or 1000 GPH filter pump to an Intex 1500 GPH or larger system•Allow filter pumps to be used on 16-inch and smaller Intex above ground pools•Reduce the large filter pump’s 1.5-inch screw on hoses down to a 1.25-inch clamp on the pool inlet and outlet ports•Includes 2 adapters•Weight: 0.22 pounds•Part number: 25009-Pair•Manufacturer warranty: Other (see description)•Intex Replacement Hose Adapter A with Collar (Pair)•Replacement hose adapter A•Genuine Intex OEM replacement part that keeps pool safe and working properly•Converts threaded hoses to clamp style hoses and 1.5 and 1.25-inch hoses for Intex pool sets•Fits all Intex 4000, 2500, 2000 and 1500 gallon per hour filter pumps that use threaded hose connections•Fits Intex chlorine generators and salt systems that use threaded hose connections•Weight: 0.29 pounds•Part number: 25007•Intex Above Ground Pool Plunger Valve Replacement Part (2 Pack)•Replacement pool filter pump plunger on/off valve to be used with Intex aboveground pools using 1-1/2" diameter hoses with 2-1/2" threaded connector fittings•Replace your old plunger valve(s) or upgrade to the Intex Plunger Valve system, makes changing hoses and pumps a breeze•Assembly includes a plunger valve, hose o-ring, and step washer•For use with 28635EG, 28633EG, 28671EG, 28645EG, 28647EG, 28651EG, 28677EG, & 28681EG filter pumps•Part #: 25010•Part number: 25010