Repair Kit for Jr. Jump-o-lene Castle Bouncer| Vinyl glue | Patches

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This repair kit includes one Pool Above Pool Repair Kit (24895) and 8 multi color vinyl patches, 4 blue, 3 Lime Green, 1 Yellow that measure 2.625" inches each. The vinyl works with various Intex jumpolenes as well as other inflatable items. Repairs work best when like materials are adhered to each other. The OEM patches are cut directly from the Intex Jr. Jump-O-Lene Castle Bouncer for a superior repair. The Repair Kit includes two 7.87 inch by 3.74 inch clear vinyl sheets and a tube with one ounce of vinyl cement and is recommended for ages fourteen and up. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Deflate the product so the repair area is flat as possible. 2. Clean and dry the repair area thoroughly. 3. Cut the vinyl material to the desired patch size. 4. Apply only enough vinyl cement to wet the back of the patch (if you use too much cement, it will not seal properly). 5. Press the patch firmly on the repair area and hold temporarily. 6. For best results, do not reinflate product for 12 hours.