Intex 2500 GPH Filter Pump Rebuild Kit Replacement Seals Valves O-Rings

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Wear and tear can happen to anything. Even the Intex seals in your pool filter can take a beating from time to time. We carry the Intex Seals Pack for 2,500 gph and below pumps, so you can replace that part when the time comes. This assembly includes 2 air release valves, 2 air release valve o rings, air release valve B's with o ring, 2 filter housing o rings, and 2 o ring A's. Your Intex pool will be back up and running in no time with this replacement pack. Trust the Intex 25004 2,500 gallon and below Filter Pump Replacement Seals Pack Parts to keep your pool up and running this season. Replacement seals pack for 2,500 gph pumps and below 2 air release valve / sediment release valves (10460) 2 air release valve O rings (10264) 2 air release valve B's with O rings (10725) 2 filter housing o rings (11330) 2 O ring A's (10712)