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  • Bradley Type IV Boat Cushion USCG Approved Throwable Flotation Device; Coast Guard approved throw preserver with foam cushion; throwable boat cushion safety device

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    The Bradley Type IV Boat Cushion stands as a reliable and USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved throwable flotation device, meticulously designed to enhance water safety and buoyancy. Crafted with precision and engineered to meet the stringent standards set by the USCG, this cushion ensures peace of mind for boaters and water enthusiasts alike. Constructed using durable and high-quality materials, the Bradley Type IV Boat Cushion excels in both functionality and comfort. Its cushioned surface provides a comfortable seating option onboard, doubling as a secure flotation aid during emergencies. The bright color options are offered to coordinate with your other boat accessories while enhancing visibility, ensuring swift identification and retrieval when thrown into the water. Cushion size is approximately 16"x14.5"x2.5". With a compact and lightweight design, the cushion is easily storable in various areas of the boat, ensuring quick accessibility in times of need. Its versatility extends to its application; not only can it be thrown to assist individuals in distress, but it can also serve as a kneeling pad or additional seating during more relaxed boating moments. The USCG approval underscores the credibility and reliability of the Bradley Type IV Boat Cushion. Rigorously tested and evaluated to meet the exacting standards of the USCG, this throwable flotation device guarantees performance that aligns with the highest safety regulations. This certification serves as a testament to the cushion's ability to aid in water rescues and emergencies effectively. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a casual boater, having the Bradley Type IV Boat Cushion within arm's reach is a prudent safety measure. Its intuitive design ensures that it can be swiftly grabbed and thrown accurately to a person in distress. The cushion's buoyant properties help keep individuals afloat, providing a vital lifeline until additional assistance arrives.