Bradley Snow Tube with 50" Cover | Heavy Duty Inflatable Sledding Tubes (Red)

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Cowabunga! Get ready for fast sledding on the slopes! Each Bradley® Snow Tube includes a rubber inner tube with a 50" (deflated) cover that fits snugly around the tube. These covers are manufactured in the USA, with high vinyl top and super slick RapidGlide® bottom. The cover has two sewn in handles for you to safely hold onto as you fly down the snowy slopes. The tow strap allows for easy, light weight hand-towing back up the hill. After you are tuckered out from all the tubing fun, quick inflate/deflate valve includes valve stem remover kit right in the valve cap. Choose your favorite color and get on your warm snow gear! Bradley® inner tubes can also be used during summer time for water sports fun. Keep your snow tube cover in a dry place until next season, and keep using the inner tube in the lake, river, or swimming pool. Check out Bradley Sport YouTube Page for product videos and HOW TO PROPERLY INFLATE YOUR SNOW TUBE @Bradley Sport