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  • Bradley Heavy Duty Rubber Inner Tube for Floating River | Snow Tube; Heavy duty pool float for kids; pool tube closing; large lake floats for kids (32 inch inflated)

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    Bradley rugged butyl rubber inner tube. Part #25020. Great fun for river tubing, the lake, swimming pools, and so much more! Rugged rubber inner tubes only. No fancy designs or colorful shelf box. Measures 32" inflated diameter at full inflation. Tube becomes firm at 29". Continue to add air until tube has fully inflated. Short valve stem for safety and comfort. Valve cap includes a valve stem removal tool for faster deflation. Compatible replacement inner tube for Bradley 42" snow tubes or river tubes. Works well on their own for snow tubing, river tubing, or as a pool float. Popular for pool closing before the Winter. ***These are sold as bulk items, so will not have retail packaging***