Bestway 58477E SaluSpa Antimicrobial Antibacterial Type VI Filter Cartridges

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Keep your SaluSpa™ water clear and clean with a Flowclear™ Anti-Microbial Filter Cartridge (Type IV) by Bestway®. This innovative replacement cartridge is coated with an anti-microbial treatment, sanitizing the water that comes in contact with it by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria associated with Bacterial Pneumonia, E. Coli and Staph Infections. In order to maintain maximum anti-bacterial strength, the cartridge should be replaced once every two weeks.
•Diameter: 4.2” (10.7cm)
•Height: 3.1” (8.0cm)
•Replacement cartridge for SaluSpa pumps
•Very easy to clean
•Controls the growth of bacteria, mold, and algae
•Broad spectrum antibacterial effect
•According to standard ISO 22196 measurement of antibacterial activity, our filter cartridge guarantees optimum performance for 2 weeks usage: Staphylococcus aureus Antibacterial rate≥99.9%, Escherichia coli, Antibacterial rate≥99.9%, Klebsiella Pneumoniae Antibacterial rate≥99.9%
•We recommend changing the filter every two weeks
•Does not replace the use of regular chlorine maintenance