18 PACK • Emergency Solar Blanket Survival Safety Insulating Mylar Thermal Heat

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18 PACK � 84" x 52" Emergency Blanket
Developed for use by astronauts, these emergency survival blankets are lightweight, compact and have many uses. Mylar can retain 90% of your body heat and can be used as ground cover or a shield from the elements. Not only can these be a life saver by providing warmth, but they can also be used as a ground cover, to build a shelter, collect rain water, and as a reflective signal device.
• Unfolds to 84 x 52 inches.
•Made of durable aluminized polyethylene.
•Weighs only 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams).
•Flexible in freezing temperatures.
•Dimensions: 84" x 52" Each Blanket.